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This summer we played at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, along with Susana Santos Silva. The leading website All About Jazz is wildly positive about the concert: "The young Belgian piano trio The Bears Vultures, from Ghent, augmented with Porto, Portugal-based trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, was the real new thing, or this year's edition Appealing. surprising, deft, exciting, convincing, funny ... "


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European summer for De Beren Gieren

The Bears are to be seen across Europe this summer.

First of all a continuation of our collaboration with Susana Santos Silva, playin at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival on friday 4 July and 3 days in a row at Têtes de Jazz in Avignon.
The week afterwards, on July 11th, we can be heard at North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam, followed by a triple performance in our home base at GentJazz. On August 8th we'll play at Bezaubeats, in the midst of Austria's highlands, followed by a concert on the 16th in the south of the Netherlands at the Zomerparkfeest festival in Venlo.

Norwegian Bears!

The Bears were invited to come play at two jazz festivals in Norway: Trondheim Jazz en Hamar Jazz. The dates are May 8th en 9th. Looking forward to celebrate this Norwegian spring!

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Artist in Residence at Vooruit at its end

Our residence in Vooruit ends this year. We look back on two wonderful years.

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DownBeat: De Beren Gieren

A great surprise to find out that De Beren Gieren are mentioned in last July's DownBeat magazine! We are described as a contemporary-minded and witty piano trio, one of the highlights at the Jazzahead! festival. Thanks DownBeat!



De Beren Gieren are Fulco Ottervanger (piano), Lieven Van Pee (bass) and Simon Segers (drums)

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Groningen (NL), Sounds of Music
Leiden (NL), Hot House
Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden
Rotterdam (NL), Jazz International Rotterdam
Rijkevorsel (BE), De Singer - 1 2 3 4 feat. Kaja Draksler, Susana Santos Silva, De Beren Gieren

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