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Juan-les-Pins (FR), Jammin' Juan Festival
Ghent (BE), Huis van Alijn Try-out/new material
Brussels (BE), BAI Jazz Club
Zottegem (BE), Jazz On Sunday Concert in the library
Leuven (BE), Stukcafé
Ghent (BE), La Resistenza De Beren Gieren + Jan Klare + Jean-Yves Evrard + Hasse Poulsen
Ghent (BE), La Resistenza De Beren Gieren + Jan Klare + Hasse Poulsen
Ghent (BE), La Resistenza De Beren Gieren + Jan Klare + Jean-Yves Evrard
Ghent (BE), La Resistenza
Ghent (BE), La Resistenza
Ghent (BE), Filmfestival Gent
Tallin (EE), EMC World Forum On Music De Beren Gieren + Jaak Sooäär


Bologna (IT), Bologna Estate Festival UNESCO Creative City Of Music extchange with Bologna


(), Jazzlab: Jazz Plays Europe - De Beren Gieren + Grigri
Ghent (BE), Muziekcentrum Bijloke Wolfgang By Midnight


One Mirrors Many  2015, Clean Feed

Recorded at Boma Studio (Ghent) by Frederik Segers
Mixed by Frederik Segers at Boma Studio

Mastered by Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis

Illustrations by Kevin Vanwonterghem
Lay-out by Jelle Martens

"This multifaceted disc enlightens. It's bright, it's clever. It would be stupid not to admire them." Citizen Jazz, Anne Yven
"Unsurprisingly after such consistent output, they exhibit a robust ensemble concept which avoids emphasis on solo episodes, mashes influences together and challenges convention." All About Jazz, John Sharpe
"Ultimately one of the best piano trio albums heard lately." All About Jazz, Alberto Bazzurro
"This is the trio at its best, with detailed game, a compelling piano, strong rock-like injections, stillness and a heavy climax." de Standaard, kvk
"This is no longer the search for a coherent vision, but further refinement and extension, and that at an unusually high levels."
"Top band, top album. Go see them live." damusic, Philippe De Cleen

The Detour Fish, Live At Ljubljana, Feat. Susana Santos Silva  2014, Clean Feed

Recorded live at Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2014

Mixed by Luìs Delgado

Artwork by Travassos


""Again and again, you can marvel at the beautiful melodies and equally stunning and witty discoveries that emerge from the exploration. This album is a perfect example of how musicians can be stubborn and yet very good listeners."" Trouw, Mischa Andriessen
""Every moment is speaking. It thus moves from moment to moment, with great bonding force and tactile consistency. Every moment has its context, which again raises new momentum that unfolds."" Written in music, Henning Bolte
""The collective idiom is as fluis as water itself. The
members of De Beren Gieren have a remarkable
collective process, their music advancing as a
continuous melodic flow passed back and forth among
the members. These musicians may not yet be widely known, but are already producing memorable, original work.""
 New York City Jazz Record
""International class"", Guy Peters
""this band gives us a fascinating and unique musical vision, that's kept throughout the album with great coherence, and with lots of variation in the different pieces. Light-hearted, adventurous, welcoming and beautiful"" Free Jazz Blog, Stef

a raveling  2013, independent

Recorded at Boma Studio (Ghent) by Frederik Segers
Mixed by Frederik Segers at Boma Studio
Lay-out/illustration by Kevin Vanwonterghem and Jeroen Pede

"Their second CD, a raveling, is a lot more mature than their noticed debut wirklich Welt so.
Moreover, the rhythmic and melodic complexity does not restrain the joyfull playing and listening. A raveling is very exciting, often funny and heartwarming, from the beginning till the end."
 De Morgen, Didier Wijnants
"[...] adventurous and daring. It often surprises, it always attractes" Le soir, VANTROYEN,JEAN-CLAUDE
"De Beren Gieren continue to refine their unique blend of jazz, rock and classical music. [...] They often make great music full of self-questioning, humor and edge." De Standaard, Karel van Keymeulen
"The nice thing about the compositions on a raveling is that the band combines different styles, without any trouble and a kind of nonchalance, therefore the music never feels forced or nervous. [...] often the experimental genre just irritates, but this is completely different in case of de Beren Gieren." De Wereld Morgen, Koen De Meester
"In addition to the brutal, conventionless attitude, which puts hip hop, classical mussic and rock next to jazz, we can hear mostly rock-solid compositions on their second official album. Dutch pianist Fulco Ottervanger has a creative mind and uses improvisation as unconditional basis for accessible beats and themes. De Beren Gieren creates jazz that makes us cheerful: high level and with a cool openmindedness." De Volkskrant, Tim Sprangers

wirklich Welt so  2012, eL NEGOCITO Records

Recorded at Jet Studio (Brussels) by Frederik Segers.
Mixed by Frederik Segers at Boma Studio
Lay-out/illustration by Kevin Vanwonterghem and Jeroen Pede

"wirklich Welt so is a strong debut that will be the first chapter of a fascinating story.", Guy Peters
"There is concrete mixing, cutting and scraping, but also polishing, shining and carressing. The result is a bridge between the Guggenheim in Bilbao and a treehouse.
Full of splinters and loose ends rope, but also with beautiful curves and unexpected coves."
 KnackFocus, Bart Cornand
"These three gentlemen do not avoid a joke and are slightly subversive. That attitude makes quite exciting music." De Standaard, Karel Van Keymeulen
"De Beren Gieren honor their status as young daredevils, resulting in ten exciting adventures." Kwadratuur, Jan-Jakob Delanoye
"They dosing at the appropriate time and creating sharp contrasts, for example between neurotic atmospheres and a lighter interlude. Experiment is coupled with smooth melodies. Never non-committal but always ambiguous." Jazzmozaïek, Georges Tonla Briquet

EP1  2010, independent

Recorded at Bijlokestudio 25 and 26 September 2010 by Simon Vander Beken.
Mixed by Frederik Segers at Boma Studio
Lay-out/illustration by Kevin Vanwonterghem



Rebel Jazz to Rebel Against

Video by Dirk Zoete.

Volkswolf & Schadumleven, One Mirrors many Try Out Concert

One Mirrors Many Teaser

De Beren Gieren on Vrije Geluiden

In 2014 we appeared on Dutch national television in the wonderful slow tv program Vrije Geluiden.

5 songs recorded live at Handelsbeurs (Ghent) at 3 october 2013.
This concert was the official release concert of "a raveling": the second (official) album by de Beren Gieren. If you like it, share it!

Jazzahead 2013, the full concert

We were lucky to be selected to play at the jazzahead showcase in 2013. How did we play there? Here you have the full concert so you can see it yourself.

Promo video - a raveling

Promo video for the new album by De Beren Gieren
Released on the 3rd of October 2013.

Video by Jonatan Lyssens


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wirklich Welt so - CD
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Booking & management: Maaike from Aubergine Artist Management,

De Beren vzw, Brusselsesteenweg 372, 9050 Ledeberg, Belgium, N° VAT BE0504 893 215,


Fulco Ottervanger - piano

Fulco Ottervanger is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and improvisor. He has been writing, recording and performing songs and compositions since his early youth.


He studied jazz piano and contemporary classical composition at the conservatory of Ghent.


His main projects are De Beren Gieren and krautpop band STADT. He also has a drums/keyboard duo BeraadGeslagen and is engaged in theatre and dance projects.

Lieven Van Pée - bass

Lieven Van Pée has been triggered by a great variety of music before he starts playing bass at the age of 16.


At the Jazzstudio in Antwerp he gets more focused on playing jazz and improvised music through the teachings of Cedric Waeterschoot and Bas Cooymans. Later on he refines his playing by studying with Stefan Lievestro at the conservatory of Ghent. There he teams up with Simon Segers and Fulco Ottervanger to found De Beren Gieren.


Besides playing in a lot of jazz and impro groups, such as Moker and John Ghost, he always challenges himself to search for new music, especially by composing electronic music.

Simon Segers - drums

Simon has been intrigued by music from as long as he can remember. The record collection of his father was a great artifact to learn to listen to all kinds of music. Where his dad was a great influence to listen to music, it was his older brother (guitarist Frederik Segers) that made him play the drums. From the early teenage years, they play together in all kinds of projects where Simon developed great love for long and profound coöperations.

The band and the music it produces is the most important to Simon. There's no style of music that he dislikes. The last few years he has been active in both rock and jazz formations in which he always leaves his personal mark.

The jazztrio De Beren Gieren and the rockband STADT are his personal projects in which he participates the most as a creator of music.


Promotional text

Dutch-Belgian acoustic-electronic piano trio De Beren Gieren (The Bear Vultures) are known for their unique energetic sound, sparkling melodies, complex structures and quirky song titles. They bring a blend of polyrhythmic soundscapes, sing-alongs and elitist twists, showing an ability to change mood quite suddenly in a way that constantly holds one's attention. A live experience not to be missed!

After collaborations with Marc Ribot, Louis Sclavis, Joachim Badenhorst, Jan Klare and the much appreciated live album “The Detour Fish” (Clean Feed, 2014) with trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, De Beren Gieren are now successfully touring Europe with their 3rd trio release “One Mirrors Many” (Clean Feed, 2015), on which self-made electronics are added, creating an elusive fuzzy layer underneath their characteristic acoustic sound of piano-bass-drums. This kaleidoscopic work of modern art has since then received international acclaim from specialized press and beyond.



In the space between expectation and surprise, you will find De Beren Gieren, providing robust evidence that gold can still be mined from the union of piano, bass and drums. Based on the compositions of pianist Fulco Ottervanger, the trio uses the power of improvisation on the quest for a new form.


De Beren Gieren were formed in 2009. Their 2nd album a raveling (2013) has been widely praised and resulted in the group's international breakthrough.
A recording of the concert in Ljublljana with Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva was released as the critically acclaimed The Detour Fish (2014) on leading record label Clean Feed.

Their 3rd trio album One Mirrors Many saw the light in 2015 on the same label and includes self-made electronics; the reactions so far have been highly positive, marking the album as most influential and present-day album of the year.


Besides the collaboration with Susana Santos Silva, De Beren Gieren have also collaborated with other internationally renowned musicians such as Marc Ribot, Joachim Badenhorst, Louis Sclavis, Jean-Yves Evrard, Jan Klare and Ernst Rijeseger. They played at major festivals such as Trondheim Jazzfest, North Sea Jazz, Ljubljana Jazz and Jazz Middelheim.


De Beren Gieren are going for it full blast and their name starts to ring a bell amongst music lovers all over. The group has won several prizes and are invited to play all around Europe and abroad. What might come in the future of these young talents it is only to be seen.

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