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"Discretely informal, pleasantly naive, doses of humor scattered here and there, fresh ideas, youthful enthusiasm, trained ear, sharp look."

All About Jazz


"Every moment is speaking. It thus moves from moment to moment, with great bonding force and tactile consistency. Every moment has its context, which again raises new momentum that unfolds."

Written in music


"The collective idiom is as fluis as water itself. The
members of De Beren Gieren have a remarkable
collective process, their music advancing as a
continuous melodic flow passed back and forth among
the members. These musicians may not yet be widely known, but are already producing memorable, original work."

New York City Jazz Record


"this band gives us a fascinating and unique musical vision, that's kept throughout the album with great coherence, and with lots of variation in the different pieces. Light-hearted, adventurous, welcoming and beautiful"

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"International class"


"Again and again, you can marvel at the beautiful melodies and equally stunning and witty discoveries that emerge from the exploration. This album is a perfect example of how musicians can be stubborn and yet very good listeners." 



The Detour Fish: New Album OUT NOW on Clean Feed!

Last summer we played with our long-term friend and trumpeter Susana Santos Silva at the Ljubljana jazz festival, a hi-level festival in a pretty town.

This recording is now released as The Detour Fish (2014) on the Portuguese record label Clean Feed. Check it out!


De Beren Gieren are Fulco Ottervanger (piano), Lieven Van Pee (bass) and Simon Segers (drums)

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